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You are headed for bed. You have locked your doors and windows, set your car alarm, and your wallet sits safely on your bureau. You covered all the bases, right? Wrong. Before shutting yourself down for the day, you shut down your PC, too. But, while you were online balancing your checkbook, moving money from one account to another, and even when you typed in your credit card number to purchase your cousin a new Book, someone was watching. Of course, you are well aware of thieves' typical working methods-house burglary, nighttime car theft and pick pocketing. But they have made a substantial leap in how they swindle, and their new tool is called spyware. And just as criminals have stepped up their thieving ways, so must PC users increase their PC security. 
Profile of a Digital Spy
Spyware, as it sounds, makes it possible for thieves to steal information from computers without users' knowledge. It downloads itself onto a PC and remains hidden, capturing and distributing information from a user's computer without his or her knowledge. Spyware can monitor Internet browsing moves and record keystrokes as users enter personal information or passwords. It also can send spam from the victim's PC. In the end, spyware developers are after your credit card numbers, bank account information, identity and passwords to all one's vital information-an Spyware began as software that Web advertisers used to record the personal information of Web surfers to better reach consumers. However, this so-called adware has quickly become the center of a privacy debate. Now, software developers have taken adware one step further, and spyware threatens every Internet user. In no time at all, spyware has angered many, including Congressman in Washington.
Dr. Fix-it recommends anti-spyware as one of the top four security essentials, including: - Anti-virus, for protection against viruses, mass-mailing worms, and Trojan horses - Personal firewall, to creates a barrier that blocks intruders from entering your system to steal private files, financial information, passwords or Social Security Numbers - Anti-spam, to filter out junk, porn and scam e-mails, or other unsolicited messages - Privacy service, to set up controls to protect confidential information from being exposed inadvertently by family members, and block objectionable Website content and - Anti-spyware, to protect against computer code being deposited onto your system without your knowledge, tracking your activity to serve advertisements, or logging keystrokes to steal passwords or your identity. "When you purchase a new computer, the first thing you need to do is install the right security software,"
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